Delilah Bronson

Delilah Bronson is our outlaw. She was never one for the milkmaid erotica that falls under most “western” categories. She wants it gruff. She wants a man who’s a badass with a 5 o’clock shadow that can hold his own, take care of business, and the kind of smart ass who always gets the girl. Idolizing Han Solo and Captain Malcolm Reynolds she is going to turn the “western” erotica world on its head.

Delilah Bronson Bibliography

High Noon


Leaving behind the idea of the barn maid and the cowboy, in “High Noon” we’re going to the wild west where everyone has a six shooter and there’s danger around every corner.

Enter Amanda, a girl who just rode in with trouble hot on her tail. She runs into the town’s Sheriff and explains to him that he’s her only hope.

Surprised to find out that Amanda is a great shot and could be the girl of his dreams, maybe Amanda and the Sheriff can make it out of this hot water and live happily ever after.


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