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A New Naughty Commune Friend

Every now and then we at the Naughty Commune make friends with an author that crosses our path. We would like to help our friend Jade Whitfield promote her brand new book “Happily Forever After: The Forever Love Series Book 2.5.”

Check out her new book here!




New Naughty Commune Release

New release “Red, White, and Screwed” by Candace Kneeland. Going over all news events that happened for the week ending on 7/23/17.

Here’s the synopsis on Amazon:

Is the news just not sexy enough for you? Explore the new Naughty Commune series “Red, White, and Screwed.” A weekly, up-to-date look at current events with just enough sex to get you by at a cost cheaper than the Sunday paper.

Why read a boring black and white newspaper when you can get all your news from “Red, White, and Screwed?”

Buy now on Amazon.